New me


I'm back I'm finally fucking back. You may want to know where have i been but honestly I'm asking that question myself where the hell have i been? Well i guess i been here and there. Here as in bed. There as in at school which is my living hell. I think I'm back and I'm better than ever. I fucking changed. This is the new me. So you can stay and listen or leave just like every single one of my so called best friends. Don't worry it won't matter if you leave its not the first it happenned. So what poetry will i be posting on this well you will see.


1. Is music like my lyrics that connect to my poetry so if you dont want to see that than peace. I think we need real actual music not just about sex, love, ex's, drama, money, mansions,, etc... we need the real shit so i thought one way to start is here. 


2. There will be different poetry about different topics some about my life some not. I wanna write something we all can connect to somehow and someway.


So now on to the actual poem New MeπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Hey I know I been gone for months. Why? Well one I kinda didn't feel like to write. Second cause something happenned. But I'm back and better.


Have you guys ever gone to sleep and looked at the celing and wander "who am I"? Like you know who you are. You know your a human that didn't asked to be born but your here your freaking here and alive. You know your name something that you didn't make. You know your personality mines shit its me being quiet and only speak when I spoken too. Like you know who you are but at the same time you actually don't. You don't know shit. Yeah maybe your favorite color or movie but you don't know you. You dont know the person looking back at you in the mirror. You dont know the person you been with almost your entire your life and who you will be with intill you die. 


You probably someone who society wants you to be. Do you wake up in the morning happy of your self? Do you like want you see? If you had the money to get plastic surgery would you? All these questions I have answered you see I was once locked in a box full of guilt qmd regret. That box was in the room full of hate with a locked door. I broke out of the box and found the key to the door. I'm free. I'm finally free. This is me.


This so called new me don't need to labels. This new me is sick of the horny boys in my gym class. I'm sick of the bullys. I'm sick of the girls that think they have to wear make-up and to be skinny look "perfect". I'm sick of celebrities lying to their fans. I'm sick of this internet world. I'm sick of this Instagram shit. I'm sick of this plastic sugery. I'm sick of this fake love you buy a rolex or jews or drugs but you can't buy love.


This new me is tired of me being scared to share my life stories. This new me is sharing my life through poetry and music. I'm tired how I stayed silent. I'm tired how I let people walk over me. I'm tired of my fake friends. I'm tired of all the lies. I'm tired of ignoring my problems. I'm tired of fake laughing. I'm tired of faking my smiling. Im tired of having to act sexual to get guys. I'm tired if watching the bullys win. You can't buy time but you can buy drugs.

This new me has opened her eyes and i can see you. I see past that fake smile. I see past the fake laugh. I see past the forced happiness. I see that your slowing dying on the inside and out. I know you feel all numb inside but I feel all free. Cause I found me and one day you will too. 


Remember you can't buy love or time. But you can buy make-up and drugs. 


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  • Published: February 25th, 2018 05:58
  • Comment from author about the poem: Hey this is the poem saying hey its me and the poetry after this all real and related to me or someone i know. My lyrics will be on they way.
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