the angry sky

today, the clouds are crying and the thunder is shouting
from the rooftops, belting down, aggravating the ground below
and the heavens bottled up tears are falling to the pavement
in the hope, peace would arrive like the wings of a dove
the grey clouds are dominating the sky with their negativity
and a dominant and angry man is in a mood up there
somewhere in the heavens, he is letting go of his tantrum
people want the storm to pass and lessen, but it just continues

He hammers mercilessly
But with despair
His anger uncovers the earth
And leaves it bare
For the wings of the dove
To quietly repair

The birds fly low, the air is ill at ease
There's somethin' afoot, but just what isn't clear
The birds cease to sing, the afternoon still, through
The leaves comes a whisper, a sign if you will
Mother nature's so pent-up, she's fussin' upstairs
Great clouds come arumblin,' sheet lighting beware
The swirl of the wind and the rush of the rain
Down thunderbolt alley near flash lightning lane

Angels with dirty faces watch with tainted black tears from bleeding mascara as their master rips apart the earth's tortured soul, the rain sparkles as the lightning dances across the earth, they plead their master to have mercy only to cast to the decaying earth like the nephilim before them

And them, the ones who once stood in the raindrops of our own cloudy shadows where the bright light of existence beckons its call from the Sun. Tomorrow comes just like yesterday did as the four seasons shower their beautiful displays off to the skies above. leaving us in such astonishment of everything it throws at us.

Shallow drapes of soft-lit cirrus
billowed and barred like wind in silk hems
are vertically swaying.
Glimpses of cracks in blackness
grow into Gods dancing at whim with satin
streamers darkly waving.

Each little raincloud having a tantrum
And every raindrop crying it's little heart out
Oh how melodramatic could you get?
Mother nature I dare you
Do your very best.
Every strike is a spark in my eyes
You can't contain anything
Not much of a surprise


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