Know Me (Matrix)

  By Arcassin Burnham
At times,  when times, 
When I fight beside the people I wanna trust it ends bad. 
Making rumors, 
rumors that'll make you kill yourself and ruining things that you had. 
Quiet and shy,  shy now even still incased in the big old brute of a shell.
I've been hurting inside, inside of my mind, lost in this mean matrix, 
Can't you tell.
My exes lie beside me,  keyword lie, 
And I will never trust another girl again. 
Filling pieces,  pieces of my heart I threw in the trash in desperate dens. 
Love is another form, forms of weakness, 
Don't you let it all go to your big head. 
Lives are on the line , the line of destruction and you feel your life is so dead.

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