imaginary dragons

outside of my window 

outside of many people's square glass window's

the wind is roaring 

where is it coming from 

and why is it roaring so wildly 

i decide to take a chance 

and step outside 

taking in the push and pull of the angry wind 

and i am startled 

i've never seen this before 

i actually see shadows of dragons 

circling the sky 

why , is it my imagination 

or is this really , real 

and why are they shadows

are they living somewhere 

behind this sky 

but showing their shadow 

for all of us to see

i see their shadowed wings

flapping, so huge 

their wings are like 

butterflies wings 

working their way through the sky 

though somehow stronger 

heavier, deeper

their wings strength 

even though 

they are working behind the sky 

seems magnificent to me 

i stand and i ponder 

and wander 

maybe , just maybe 

they are the force 

behind the roaring wind 

maybe they are the ones who have control 

maybe they arrive 

and control the wind 

with all of their might 

dragons so skilled 

dragons so strong 

that they send their 

strength into our world 

controlling the wind 

a force behind the sky 

shadows looming 


making people question 

and ponder upon the truth of their eyes 

i am still standing here 

and the dragons take on a different form 

one of more definition 

one of more shape 

and i realise 

they are stepping into our real world 

no longer a showing shadow 

they have stepped across the boundaries 

of their world and our world 

and now they cannot take it back 

i stand fixated upon the sight i see 

i don't know whether to be scared 

or excited 

not sure of their nature 

are they bad or friendly 

so i stand 

and i take in their wings 

with all of my vision 

i don't understand what is going on 

or why this has happened 

but somehow 

dragons , real dragons 

have managed to circle our sky 

no longer shadows, reflections

but they are here 

a guy steps to the side of me 

never seen him before 

not sure who he is 

he starts to talk to me 

seemingly missing the dragons in the sky 

he talks to me 

asking me , are you not listening 

what are you doing staring 

into the same old blue sky 

and i say to him 

can you not see them 

there are dragons in the sky 

look at them with their mighty wings 

and their breath of fire 

why are you blind 

he responds , staring at me blankly 

i think you are blind 

he says to me 

you are mad 

he says to me 

there is something wrong with you 

he says to me 

i respond and laugh at his stupidity 

if you cannot see the dragons 

then there is something very wrong with you 

because they are everywhere 

why are you turning your eye's 

to the sight you see 

why are you ignoring 

what is in front of your vision 

are you scared 

would you rather ignore reality 

then accept what is going on 

ignore the sight before your eyes 

we all know it's because you are scared 

seeing things which we find hard to accept 

sometimes this is difficult 

we want to ignore

we want to push away 

we dismiss 

push to the side , reality 

i stand and i am still staring at the dragons 

before my amazed eyes 

i turn around to talk to him 

and he is no longer there 

a lady taps me on the shoulder 

asking me 

are you ok , my dear 

because you have been staring into 

that sky for over half an hour 

you look in shock 

and you have been talking to thin air 

she says to me 

do you want to talk 

i turn around to tell her no 

when there is nothing and nobody there 

just a faint whisper of her words

and i realize 

i am dreaming 

dreaming of a world 

where everything is fantasy 

dreaming of stories 

and a world far away from me 

i step inside of my house 

next minute i wake up in my bed 

and i realise 

all of those dragons in the sky 

they were lingering in my sleep 

making pictures in my mind 

i lay there and i realise i was dreaming 

even though it felt real 

it was just a dream 


  • Burning Crow

    Really enjoyed reading this 😊 I'm glad I inspired you to write it, your description of how dreams can be was really well written with how you can be talking to someone then the next second they have vanished that's how my dreams go a lot of the time. I liked how the dragon's caused the wind and you could only see there shadows in the sky. Really enjoyed it.

    • yellowrose

      thankyou 🙂 so glad you enjoyed this , its the first time i wrote a poem on dragons and i liked it ..

    • kevin browne

      dreams have created some of the most inventive ideas ever conceived. like you, I too, am a dreamer of many wonderful thoughtful things which are put to use in poetry. take all your visions and transform them into something marvelous and never lose the thought of it. you're already doing incredibly well so keep dreaming okay.

      • yellowrose

        hi kevin , sorry for the late reply on this . thankyou 🙂 reality can be harsh , can't it.. so much easier to dream./

      • Poetic25

        A real epic of imagery yellowrose, capturing what maybe behind the wind, and all within a dream
        Michael 🙂

        • yellowrose

          thanks michael, appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment on this one. i like the idea of something mythical being behind the wind...fantasy is my favourite genre of book, and i am currently reading the fourth book in a series of five books, about dragons and men , i like to think that dragons have strength.

        • Mottakeenur Rehman

          Nice 1!

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