Political Poet

Domestic Policy

  All you hear these days is nothing but impeachment./

Media wanting you to believe its due to the Presidents treatment./

on Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, and erasing all Obama's achievements!/

Knowing Obama had none but trying so hard to make us believe this!/

"Jesussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!" ....................../

Please help these people see this.../

these politicians only care during elections then leave us!!!/

and tax the shit out of us, then remain speechless/

squeezing us so hard Their bleeding us........../


and leading us and feeding us with nothing but lies/

attempting to brain wash us and multiply fit to their eyes./

dont believe me ?......go on and try./

they tell you to rise but if its against them your a threat in their eyes./

and you better kiss your pretty ass good bye,/

America you better open eyes, rise, and begin to realize........./

Their only benefiting the rich/

Because every year we all forget that their rich!/

Yeah think about that shit/

now aint that a bitch!/

they say theirs only 1% but we know that's a crock of shit!./

but let them continue to believe what ever they feel fit./

funny how they want to continue with their separations/

flip it to any news station and their having the same conversation./

trying to divide us using the news for their motivations/

Corruptions and allegations /

sitting back passing legislation's./

taxing the shit out of us while their on their million dollar vacations./

their just sucking us dry with out any hesitations./

We're forgotten while their providing for the biggest donations./

while their just putting up a show for the whole entire nation!/

Sad thing is they will continue until we all start to waken!/


and read between the lines and digging deep into what their really saying!/

listen to the stories their creating and how their so called truth begins fading./


Don't you understand that The Democrats and the Republicans both work for the same Corporation!/    

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