You see love is like a knife, a knife that can cut so deep yet feel so sweet. Sweeter than a blackberry tree. Sweeter than ice tea. But you see love is what the eye cannot see. Love is more than you and me. You see love takes unity. Love takes growth like a bumble bee. See love floats, loves stings, and it always stays in between. In between a thin line of want and need. The need for a persons touch the need for a persons lust. Although lust is a sin but love has to Begin. Begin at a point in time where you feel. Feel so deeply that you are ill. Ill from the pills that you took because love is like a knife. A knife that cuts deeper than life. A knife that goes further than any imaginable height. See love can cut so deep yet feel so sweet. See love is for people like you and me.


  • yellowrose

    hello dreo8 i love the mention of a blackberry tree and ice tea, a knife that cuts deep , sure it can hurt but it can be sweet too ! :-) great read!

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