Blood pumping through my veins

Stomach feels as though it is at my feet

My heart beating faster than ever


The sweat forming along my body making me drip

I'm running

The fear clawing at my insides


The fear is too much

No, no

Fear doesn't even begin to describe this feeling


It started deep in the pit of my stomach

In a place unknown

It has quickly consumed me


I try screaming but to no avail

No noise is made

All I can hear is the sound of my heart thrown into over-drive

And the sound of my uneven breaths


Every breath I take feels like a struggle

The fear of looking back to see what's chasing me keeps me running forward

Terror has his fingers around my throat


His grip tightening by the second

Terror, yes, terror

That is the word that describes this feeling


You see a baby kitten

Starved and beat

You see the look in their eyes and it is not fear or horror but terror


It will tremble when you hold it

It's consumed in terror

That is how I feel


Look into my eyes and you shall see it

The awful

The dreadful



Every time my heart beats

It beats with terror.



  • lyn Girl

    great write!

    • Cynthia


    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

      wow, this is very powerful so well expressed ! well done . so terribly sad tho ,

      • Cynthia

        i guess you can say ive been gifted with the power of poetry because since i can remember back to the age of 6 ive been writing poetry

      • Jamie

        That's what I've been saying, You've got a gift! And hopefully someday life will quit beating on you, but you are definitely a strong soul!

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