There was a boy named Roy

He discovered a new toy

A rise in his Levi's

A delight to his eyes 

A boy who found a great joy


  • orchidee

    Swoon! lol.


      Swoony you!

      I bet some guinea pigs have experienced the same thing, except with fur!

    • Michael Edwards

      Brings back memories - said he smiling.

      • LAWLESS

        Thanks for the visit.

        Like dear Mr. O wrote, "FLASH BACK !"

        A bit of boy humor that I hope will make even the ladies laugh.

      • queer-with-a-pen

        I like this a lot, because my sense of humor is perpetually stuck at 12. It also reminded me of the song by whatshisface that is about his ding a ling. Funny stuff.

        • LAWLESS

          Thanks Boaz. I'm glad that you liked it.

          The poetry on this site has become mostly serious and depressing. I wanted to cheer people up with a proper limerick.

          My sense of humor has always been absurd. I'm 51 going on 9!

        • Goldfinch60

          Back in the day so very long ago.

          • LAWLESS

            Thanks for reading this silly thing.

            I am still able to get great joy out of my willy. My wife is pretty sick of it though!

          • Laura

            Funny it is, Lawless!


            • LAWLESS

              Thanks for finding it so.

              It's back to my boring tripe. Funzies are over. ☚ī¸

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