Silent Cries

Quiet little girl, she doesn't bother anybody. She has been hurting for a while now, little do they know about her.. she's scared. She's had big dreams, she never told anyone because no one listens to her. When she tries to be out and about minding her business.. she seems so scared, she walks alone.. not even a shadow walks with her. She up and worries about everyone and their well being, but does anyone give these things in return? No!

Silent Cries; she always has a grin on her little face, not on purpose.. she can't help it. She doesn't get that type of attention she wishes she would get, no.. she has to fight for it. When she can't take it she hides herself in a cold dark lonely room and she cries, silently; Silent Cries. She wishes to be heard, though her soft voice isn't meant to be heard. The struggles of being a loner and so deeply depressed can only put so much on her, she sees things differently.. not quiet like the others.

Happiness doesn't come easy. Silent Cries is what she does, pain, tears, loneliness, worry, regret, resentment is all that describes her.. but crying.. indefinitely, being alone, trying to express the way she feels isn't what helps anymore. Who is there? Who is left? Who is there to listen? Who is there to lend a shoulder for her head to lie on so she can cry? She shouts and she tries to cry out for help but no one is there to listen.

Silent Cries; Silent Cries when she's hurting, if only they would understand her, maybe she wouldn't have to seem so distant. She's had days when she would run away from home just to catch a break. Love; what is love? She may have found love, it may be a joke.. or it may not. It may have been unexpected the way it snuck up on her. Can she keep this one? Is it going to last? Does she have to worry about any others? Competition isn't her thing. So if she has to compete for "love" it isn't right. It's that four letter word you use when your serious, can you dig it? If this "love" breaks her, she's back to being all by her lonely. A lost love. She will cry... Cry silently dear, even though no one will hear. Silent Cries.

For her, something she thought would be so perfect, she has her guard up, but this time she got caught with it down, slowly putting it back up each and everyday. Scared to know if anyone is watching, is someone watching her every move? If she makes a mistake who will notice? Though no one cares enough. Deep down inside she wishes she will feel the need to trust. Who's word does she have? What? Scared to trust? Scared to open up? Scared to love? Scared to see a person for who they really are? Yes, all true.

When not even a kind heart will recognize the hurt. Can you tell? No? Maybe she's good at hiding her feelings. Her insecurities take over. Who will be there? To tell her it's going to be alright, tell her don't worry about anything further. She's still waiting for someone to stick by her side through the rough times.. Stay in her corner, love her for her. But NO! Not even a shadow will follow behind her. Not even a shadow has her back, so a tear falls down her face as she walks alone.. her vision becomes blurry, which is how her future looks.. Can you say Silent Cries? She cries and not a sound comes out. Silent Cries. Maybe a few sniffles, but mostly Silent Cries.

Forget about inhale and exhale, is there even a reason? She's a failure everywhere she goes. Attention? No. Sad not to be heard.. Silent child; Silent Cries. Not a whisper.. but she's always a problem. Child.. Cry silently. She tries to fit in, maybe it just isn't for her, she stays to herself. One day it took a turn and everything flipped upside down.. For the worst.

She hates people but.. the silent cries.. it doesn't stop. One day she hopes to break free from the hurt she feels. Silent Cries. She is sorry for feeling the way she does, but she isn't sorry because it's the truth. Truth my hurt to some, but they wouldn't even try to fix it. Can she try to be happy? The scary voices say no! Can she smile? Yess. While we wait.. she walks alone only because ... whatever it may be, she will never get over the hurt. Can her feelings not be so hurt? Can her heart become whole? But she.. has a lost soul. Her mind is like a fugitive, so it always wonders.

Who else will get it? Who else will understand her? Would you get her? Would you listen? Would you be in her corner? Maybe her Cries wouldn't have to be so silent anymore. Can they not be so distant? Can they at least try to care? Until then, Silent Cries is all she knows. Silent Cries is all you will get.

  • Author: Malayzia Evans (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 22nd, 2018 21:56
  • Category: Reflection
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