Two Doors

There are two doors,
They seem as though, they are meant to be
Truly, they are the screams in the silence
The candle that ignites without a wick
They are impossible
The opposite of one endless abyss, lies despair
Opposite of the other, is happiness
Neither of which is the purest of two evils
The lesser demon...
For evil cannot be cast away
This is for the very reason,
that pure cannot be without evil
And evil without pure
Such as despair cannot be without happiness,
And happiness without despair
So each door is exactly as treacherous,
Exactly as wicked,
Exactly as contrary to reason, as the other.
Happiness is,
Or it seems
In reality, anger hides
Tears lurk above
And despair
It lies in wait, the shadows it's cover.
Heed my warning
Do not lean upon the false comment
"Out of sight, out of mind"
For though you can not see
nor smell
nor taste the evil despair
Do not ignore or forget it's presence
For it's companion
Is revenge.


  • Ecelis20

    Captivating and to my perspective, I can relate: you cannot choose the one door without the idea of repercussions waiting... I don't know if this analogy comes close to what you wrote?

    • Mene

      That's exactly the meaning of what I wrote, thank you for reading so carefully. And thank you in general. ^^

      • Ecelis20

        haha, glad I had the meaning right 🙂 no problem ^^

      • Laura🌻

        The nonexistent that exists!
        An intriguing write that
        fascinates the mind!


      • Carmine Branco

        Your mastering of word and attributes is remarkable. Worthy of the great poets of the past. Beyond the age you say to be. I can only wait to see you develop and become a poetesse worthy of this title. I feel your feelings. I can only imagine they struggle in your soul. You take the reader into your world and truly poetry here becomes safe haven and, I believe, psychological transfert, where the pain and anger, but also the relief and happiness that otherwise would be lethal. I dare say therapeutic poetry. At least I think it is what you aim to do. I do the same. Otherwise I would be dead by now. Excellent. I will be waiting for more.

        • Mene

          Thank you so very much, and yes I was aiming for something of the sorts. Your commentary is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading!


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