The Temptress.



In the shadows she is poised in thought, pen resting against her lips.
She hears the faint click of the closing door and raises her eyes slightly, dark lashes sweeping upwards for a moment in acknowledgement.
The air feels faintly charged. Outside the snow, falling delicately before finally settling like a blanket on the cold winter ground....It’s smooth innocent whiteness, it’s beauty untouched and yet beckoning alluringly to ravage its perfection with human foot.
As she calls softly now with that same innocence from the shadows. Creamy white shoulder and the merest hint of breast illuminated only by the five branch Gothic style candelabra at one end of the battered writing desk.
Flickering ever so slightly in the chill winter draught. The flimsy black negligee she wears no protection on this cold February night. As the shadows dance across her she stretches lazily and her nipples are erect...straining against their thin, silky casing, inviting a hand to tease them through the fabric. Her body is partly covered by a bright Indian style throw, its rich fabric drapes casually across her flank and trails down to expose part of her thigh.
Each flicker and ebb of the candlelight highlighting for a brief moment, a single frame before again being cast into shadow. She shrugs ever so slightly. The blanket falls and she is exposed. With a flick of the fingers the negligee too falls away, in an inky puddle on the floor.
The light dances across that secret place, allowing only a glimpse of the dark triangle nestled between white thighs
She leans forward, tousled hair trailing across her face and deftly rolls a joint.
She lights it and inhales deeply, blowing a thin plume of smoke from her pursed pink lips. It drifts for a moment before being consumed by candle flames, flickering orange then yellow, it’s core a steady unchanging blue.
There is a feeling of intensity building. The air is charged with a sexual energy.
She has a wild beauty that has been all but lost in the modern western woman.
She knows her power and allure. It has served women since the dawn of time.
She gazes slowly around the room. Her eye does not rest on any particular man for more than a moment.
She need not speak a word. Her hand drifts to that dark promise between her thighs, stroking and rubbing then sliding inside her moist pink opening.
She stands and saunters towards the writing desk. She is fully illuminated now in the candlelight.
She sits on the edge of the worn leather desktop and parts her legs, beckoning the three men to her. Under her spell they move toward and then around her.
She reaches to the first and places his mouth to her breast. The second needs no such introduction, his lips and tongue flicking and caressing the delicate areola.
She parts her thighs once more and allows the third man to enter her, moaning softly as the three explore every inch of her.
Each one in turn enters her, she writhes and moans as they spill their willing seed.
When spent they curl up in various spaces around her in blissful fatigue.
She looks beyond now... He approaches, drunk with desire, hungry to feel the slippery, salty cavern, filled by others moments before as he watched.
His climax is powerful, met by hers in unashamed pleasure and desire.
Again, for the moment, she is his.


  • Carmine Branco

    Mind blowing perfection. The build up is amazing and the apice is excellent. No premonition on what becomes the centre piece of the poem. Lustfull and pure at the same time. Rich with desire and passion. Worthy of the classics. I am in awe!

  • marlenawood

    Wow very intense an beautiful

    • camille

      Thank you c x

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