Carmine Branco


The chill awaits

my soul tonight!

A sinister emotion

of death and spite.


are the heavens

to mankind's delight.

The misery of time 

has devoured the flesh

as an awakening of age

calls me to accept my faith.

I can no more pursue my will,

as I fade each day,

for the years, they flow,

towards a relentless kill.

My God given reason

will not believe

what my eyes conceive

a bitter reality.

My life will truly leave!

Death will rise!

Oh horrendous truth,

oh smear of creation!

This the gift of Adam,

so some same,

for a forbidden fruit

I have not savoured.

My mind has stopped

on a cold blooded toll.

The years have flown,

but where did they go?

In my world of heart,

I forever see,

a youth I have not lived,

nor known extensively.

By the gods in heaven!

What has become of me?!

Now my body weeps

with aches and creeps,

as the clock ticks and ticks,

towards eternity. 

I despair:

"Oh come back! 

Come back!

My years, come back to me!"

My eyes will close

on one last day.

One final breath

and one last tear

shall bring my time away.

I shall be no more!

I shall speak no further!

I shall bare no will!

Hands tide to rest

and rot with me.

I shall mumble no more

reason or word of love,

nor hate. 

But what will truly be

of me?

Alas my knowledge,

my dreams, my light

and darkness,

shall truly end for me!

And there shall be

no more torment, 

no more hope,

no more passions,

no more love!

Oh love....


Man's enduring enemy.



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