You can be killed for nothing
and they shall know you had not a penny or item of worth
but they take the blessing given to you at birth still
and they keep theirs while others may sorrow,
no empathy is felt nor thoughts or guilt.

You worry about keeping your blessing
and that it may not lay wasted or taken
in the end you could be left untaken and
the investigation of the blessing has been forsaken
meanwhile you some how sleep with only feeling
nervous or scared that you can be taken.

In the end you might be taken peacefully not by religious will
nor of karma and to those you do not feel bad even thou
you have for taken a blessing from the world.

In the end may your spirit, mind and body vanquished
and may you never have taken another blessing and lay debating
that of which you have taken.

Words spoken not for those who felt sorrow for thou taking
of thee blessing bestowed on a person but that for the evil.



  • Anonymous Human

    This poem is amazing. I love the honesty and emotion, those tend to be rare in first poems. Please, don’t let it be your last poem, continue with the writing!

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