kevin browne

I found My Peace.


I found my peace, it's in my place
In all the things I've done
But my heart still hurts
My soul still stings
Whatever I did wrong.

I cried my tears, through the years
With no-one else around
The sting still stung
I was the one
The one they never found.

I tied my shoelaces, tied them well
For the journeys, I have taken
The paths I have stood on
As my mind carried through
The time to awaken.

I sold the Earth but still, I see
My feelings touching Heaven
I ask for help I shout out
But no-one ever hears me
So I pray, Lord, it's Kevin.

I twist and shout out real loud
Love is all around us
Too much love will kill you
With an overdose of pills
When thinking is too much.

I bared it all, but before I died
Death took hold my spirit
And woke me up above
A place filled with pure freedom
And has everything in it.

I grace you all through Autumn fall
Winter turns to dust, the sun shines
Snowflakes fluster thoroughly 
And may all your dreams come true
From now and all for the rest of time.


  • Resa71

    A lot of pain in that poem.
    Beautifully written though.
    I enjoyed it!

    • kevin browne

      it has a lot of sorrow, but thanks for your comment. Thank you.

    • darren_luaf

      nicely written

      • kevin browne

        Thank you, my friend, much appreciated.

      • Lorna

        So beautiful it almost made me cry - and the last stanza was so moving....

        • kevin browne

          bless you, Lorna, that's a beautiful thing to remark upon. I love your comments.

        • LaurašŸŒ»

          Thereā€™s beauty in your poetry...
          although somewhat sad!
          I loved the last stanza!
          Positivity resides in your
          being! Thank you for sharing!


          • kevin browne

            Thank you, Laura, for your thoughtful comment. I have found that beauty resides in all things, even in peoples and my own sad times. poetry reveals the honesty which both beauty and sadness resides in, which, in turn, I love writing about it especially when it comes to love. it brings out the most wonderful and marvellous magical inspirations that I can hardly hold my hat on.

            • LaurašŸŒ»

              Once again...
              beautifully stated!
              I Love read your writing!
              Have an awesome day!

            • FineB

              Hello Kevin,

              A wonderful poem if a little sad!

              Great stuff

              Keep writing

              • kevin browne

                there's true beauty in sadness as indeed there is in everything, FineB. thanks for calling in x

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