Political Poet

Unity has no color

Every ones protesting,/

Demanding answers instead of asking the right questions/

Doing illegal shit to grab every one's attention/

in some cases its a blessing/

but not when theirs nothing but aggression/

people are stressing while there's lessons to be learned/

while gossip and lies spread just to get a message heard!/

its absurd,/

when innocent people are getting hurt /

and their businesses are getting burnt/

Is this solving anything or is this like a curse/

the more you try to make a difference it only gets worse./

See, its all about that cheddar/

like the NFL covering their protest like a sweater/

while half their fans faces get redder/


As if referring to our flag with racist slurs makes anything better/

while kneeling before it makes the mainstream headers/

or wearing masks and marching with weapons are going to pull people together/


I'm like whatever,

trying to stay away from this mess/

and not fall into the distress/

cause im far from being impressed on the way people protest/

they need to think things through before their next steps like chess/

If your going to protest, protest with respect/

as im watching the coverage from the press/

and realizing their goals and how they are obsessed/

so out of touch with the rest/


my chest is feeling heavy as my lungs compress/



when you call people racist names you might as well confess/

i dont care what your standing for and yes, take a guess...../

the people will focus on the racist behavior and forget the rest/

just cause you're Hispanic Black or White it doesn't make you any less/

we are all born blessed/



racist is racist there's no good about it/

your being just as bad as them standing there as you doubt it/

trying to reroute it,/

Calling out another race, picking on them as they swallow it/

Your the disgrace if you do not do anything about it,

but just stand there and accept it, is saying you allow it!/

The American flag is not about race color religion hate or guns!!!/

it's about unity no matter where your from/

Where As Americans in all shades and religions raise hands together knowing...


Lets put aside our differences and focus on the positive instead of the negative,

join together and treat each other like a relative

its ok to be hesitant

but dont hate, instead spread love for our children's benefit

all that other crap is just irrelevant

and teach them not to be so sensitive and control their temperament  

stay competitive, and positive with a respectful element is imperative.




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