In the cold of the dark night

misty shadows roll into sight

the cries of the lost souls

they haunt my mind

mother night take me into your embrace

why do you hold me to this place

dream of color

etch themselves into my soul

invisible tears fall from my face

on the surface things seem so cold

bring me earths warm bed

the taste of the nightshade I long to hold

father moon who are all the voices in the wind

they glitter in your rays

why do you taunt me so

nowhere to hide, nowhere to go

eyes now grown close

cobwebs now link my heart and soul

the weaved tangles froze

the strength of the beat starts to slow

mother night take me into your embrace

take my memories and pain

I beg of you

erase my marks of time and space

let me become just another dream that didn't come true

mother night take me into your embrace


  • TDunn3

    Love it, Thank you for sharing it.


    Incredible and well expressed poem! By far the best I’ve read. Your an amazing writer.

  • Ivory

    Beautiful piece. I love the picture you have painted with your words. Lovely.

  • Lorna

    Haunting poem - I like it's "quiet"

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