Dark side and the Light

Dark side and the light

Embracing that of the darkness
and not of the light finding peace
and solitude not discovered in the light
knowing while you hide in the darkness
you can't be seen in light.

Taking moments from your life
to find just a little light not knowing
what shall come next might be a fright
but to just embrace it and take your time
walking back into thou light.

Might seem like a lone voice but in the
end you make your choice, and decide
whether to push forward or make that choice
know not tomorrow but soon you could rejoice.

realise you have that option and that choice
and that you don't have to live in solitude you
can be reinforced and push into the light
with your thoughts and your voice.

Because in the end everybody has a choice.


  • Lorna

    Inward is where the poet lies!

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