according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle

Normal is conforming
Conforming to the standards of a community
A society
All to be normal
For you to be perceived as normal
But who decides what normal is?
How could one person decide what is normal for every single person in the world
Because, see, everyone has their own perceptions of the world
Their own viewpoints
Their own standards
Everyone sees normal from a different point of view
So how could one person tell me what normal looks like?
They can’t
But they sure do try

So if there is one normal
What happens to everybody else?
We become different,
People to be scared of
Because we are “not normal”

I know what it feels like to be categorized as different
I’m far from normal and that’s fine by me 

Because I don’t want to give in to this label of normal
If normal means giving up a part of myself, I don’t want it
So whoever you are
Stand with me
And fight against the standards of normal
In our community
In our society
And in our country
Don’t give in to someone else’s perception of normal
Because if we do,
we lose our identity

Our identity is who we are
It’s not something that should be taken away from us
Not now
And not ever






  • Lorna

    I'm with you Bookworm! Trying to fit in usually makes for an unhappy life. Being different means one has to accept that you will be more "alone" unless you find like minded folks....

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