Dear Lovely

I want you
Do you want me
I’m confused
And I don’t know what to do

I feel like I’m trapped in this place
And Lovely there is no escape
And no we can’t communicate
And even though I hate it,
I guess I’ll just have to wait it out

I’m trapped behind a two-way mirror
Because I am incapable of hiding my feelings,
I try to lock them inside,
But they come bursting out anyway

But you can’t reveal what you feel,
So all I see is me pining, crying, shaking, Desperately hoping, anxiously waiting

I could tear into a million pieces

I try not to cross the line,
But lovely I’m losing my mind
Maybe if I knew the timeline,
I could be more patient,
And hope that it will all work out

I miss you, the you I knew before all the boundaries fell into place.
I long to kiss you, hold you,
Be there for you
If you only knew how much I care for you

I love everything I know about you
and crave to know more

So kind, so genuine, so unique
Your smile is contagious,
Your laughter likewise
Your love for animals, so special, so beautiful
Your knowledge, your maturity, so attractive

And your eyes captivate me-
Reddish, sometimes golden brown-
So unique
So intensely wonderful,
I get chills

You’re a gift to the world
Beautiful heart, beautiful mind

I think I may be falling in love with you,
But the thing that brought us together is keeping us apart

When things go wrong,
You are the one I long for
I long for your presence, your comfort,
Your love

When you called me lovely,
My heart wanted to melt


I know you now have to be discreet
But if ever our lips do meet...
It will be epic indeed

I want you to be my man
I want to hold your hand
It’s so hard to understand
Maybe someday we can

The meaningful moon
In your tattoo
Could light our path
Like a reflection on glass

I want to break all the rules,
But that would make me a fool
It would hurt you too
And I can’t do that to you

Lovely, I’ll wait here for you
But I need to tell you

I love you
Do you love me
I hope you do
But this is all I can do


  • yellowrose

    hello olirose... lovely first poem! i loved this , especially your mention of the two way mirror and the meaningful moon in his tatoo, they are my favourite parts of the poem ..

    an enjoyable read

    • OliRose

      Thanks so much!!!

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