Cold and Alone

I feel so cold

This coldness is seeping into my bones

Freezing my lungs

I can't function my body I'm so cold


So alone

I'm so alone and scared

Where can I go

What do I do

I need help


People ask me why I am so distant

Ask me why I'm cold

I'm afraid to let anyone in


Afraid to be warm

I feel so cold and alone

Like no one cares what I got to say


When I answer them they shrug and look away

No one cares

No one worries

I'm so cold

So cold and alone

What do I do

What do I say


What can I be to make people happy

So cold and alone

I'm so cold and alone

I just want to be how they want me


  • Bookworm

    I get what you’re feeling. No one understands you and no one cares to so you withdraw into the background.

    • Cynthia

      exactly but..then people come and say they want to know me, understand me, care about me but then they leave again and then there are the others who say these things and mean it but i push them away cuz i cant tell if its true or not

    • Jamie

      Let them in, and they break your heart; keep them out and they beat you down for it, and then you blame yourself for all of it, and hate yourself for not being able to change, for not being worthy!

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