Sometimes happiness comes in small short doses.
Like hearing your favorite song while driving along a country road, on a beautiful summer day, sitting next to
Your best friend.
Wishing that this musical ride, will never
Reach its end.
Of course, it eventually arrives at your destination.
But this journey, this trip.
Was far beyond your expectation.
Random , surprising moments of absolute joy are always the best!
Place it in your memory, with all of the rest.
Many more shall come your way.
Perhaps they will even be better than was today.

Sometimes, happiness comes in the
Simplest of things.
For instance,
As I sit here at my breakfast table,
Drinking a lovely cup of dark roast and
Listen to the tree filled with birds,
As each one merrily sings!

Happiness to me is so special, I cherish genuine happiness these days. Ever heard of mania? You'd find my name under "mania" if you looked it up in a dictionary. So "happy" that I was dancing in circles with full body goosebumps see. However, today happiness is contentment. Stable as a table, isn't that a filthy sentiment?

Happiness seems to run away from me,
Whenever I do seek it.
Once I finnaly chase it down and grab a hold,
I fear that I can’t keep it.
When I believe, Happiness shall never be
Before I know it, there it is!
Happiness I truly find!

Fleeting, happiness is to me
yet, happiness is my meaning
Yearning for true happiness
My whole life I'll be learning
Grateful for the opportunity
For happiness, I am not worried

Today, Happiness eludes me.
Drunk on sorrow.
Dreading each new tomorrow.
Maybe soon, I’ll smile once again.
When I can see the tunnels light,
Inviting sorrows end.


  • RiverJordan

    happiness comes as does sorrow, waves of life sometimes you don't know what your going to get.

    • Resa71

      Very true!
      Thank you for your comment:)

    • yellowrose

      this is really good ! well done to all of you .. truly enjoyed reading.

      • Resa71

        Thank you so much!
        Sometimes, it’s hard just to complete one of these!

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