courupt america

Wake up in the morning and ask my self is life even worth living all i see is hate i just want to know what happened to the country i once loved i want to know what happened to our morals i want to know why people think that just because they have a different skin color than me they can say their lives are worth more than mine getting mad at a president for doing his job and winning fairly then you protest and destroy the country the world is laughing at us because we are acting like fools shit i just wanna blast myself i dont want to be part of society that has to throw a fit over stupid shit man its 2018 and yall acting like we in 1858 disrespecting an african american and honestly is stupid that you cant get over the past and then you tear down old monuments of general lee how you gonna take that out of place how we gonna learn from the mistakes we once did we taking over islam and taking their religious belfifs and taking their land sounds familar right thats cuz we did it before to the natives that were here in american before we were i cant stand to see this contry like this we are not white we are not black we are not mexican we are not chinese we are americans and as americans we need to stand up as a country and set what is right and not be the laughing stalk of the world come together and prove that we can over come anything 

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