Dense and cumbersome

on my chest



an unwanted guest


Like a sentence

I must serve my time


Forever reminds me

how you’re no longer mine





  • Accidental Poet

    Its in the silence that he sings his love for you LG.

    • LittleGift

      Thanks AP for your kind words and save

    • Scrambled Letters

      Be at ease in the silence, for there is when you are the closest
      Hugs LG 🤗

      • LittleGift

        Thanks SL, such thoughtful words. Thanks for reading 😊

      • Poetic25


        Silent times, are to cherish and to be at ease with yourself
        Much warmth
        M :)x

        • LittleGift

          Thanks M I keep trying

          LG :) x

        • Goldfinch60

          Very emotive write. That silence can be so loud at times.

          • LittleGift

            It so can be, thanks for reading Goldfinch60 x

          • Laura

            The silence you’ve
            scribed is the unwelcomed
            silence because it hurts
            so much! Think of all the
            happy times and perhaps
            those memories will let the
            pain subside!

            Hugs 🤗

            • LittleGift

              Thank you Laura, I had a wobble last night. Thanks for the words of comfort and for reading
              Hugs back xx


            • Lorna

              He is still yours LG................

              • LittleGift

                Thanks Lorna xx you are so very right. Thanks for reading

                LG xx

              • FineB

                Thank you Little Gift.

                A vivid and evocative poem on the power of silence!

                Keep writing

                • LittleGift

                  Thanks ever so much FineB x

                • Andrew Guzaldo

                  I loved this !!! This is how I feel until I realize life is REAL!!

                  • LittleGift

                    Thanks Andrew for reading and the lovely comment, yes we must remind ourselves we are living still. Hard to do when lost in that moment but yes life is very much REAL. Well said !

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