I Love You

There are three words I remember you saying. I'll forget them soon because you won't be staying. Those three words are so meaningful to me because I'll say them to you so think of what they mean. Those three words, they come straight from my heart. From the bottom of my soul. They can tear me apart. I'll say these words to you please don't ever forget, I love you and that I don't regret.


  • Ivory

    I love you, are 3 of the most powerful words. Thank for sharing.

    • marlenawood

      Your welcome ❤️ Thanks for the compliment

    • Accidental Poet

      Someone somewhere has taught you well. Excellent write marlena.

      • marlenawood

        Thanks for the kind words that means a lot because my mother an I have a lot in common. She passed away on 2/23/2013 an she was 57 years old. I even fixed her up like a mortician would and it was so hard soooo hard but I did it an I'm proud of myself. May she RIP

        • Accidental Poet

          Yes, I'm sure she will with pride for her daughter who honors her with so much love and respect. And proud you should be too. ; )

        • Mona Lisa

          I find a poem each day that can somehow explain just how I feel with out me even knowing the author...I found mine today^^

          • marlenawood

            Aww that's awesome to know ❤️ as I love to help ppl in anyway possible! I'm glad you enjoyed this piece dear!!!

          • Laura🌻

            A most precious and beautiful write, Marlena!
            I enjoyed the read very much! Your poem is an excellent reminder for us to say those three beautiful words to the ones we love! Say them every single day!


            • marlenawood

              Thank you so much for the compliment I really appreciate an feel awesome 👏🏼 as your right on these three words we all need to hear every day

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