in my head

Do you know them?
No i don't.
Do you remember me?
No i don't
Do you care about yourself?
No i use to.
Do you see the sun?
No i don't
Do you look for the stars?
I never find them.
Do you try?
Yes very hard
Do you sing songs?
Only the sad ones.
Do you want a friend?
I use to but now i don't care.
Can i be your friend?
So you can hurt me and backstab me i dont think so.
I would never do that why would you think that?
That ia what they all do to me.
Are you lonely?
Yes very. 
Are you in the dark?
Yes, but thats fine.
Why is that fine?
Because darkness is my friend.
I don't get you.
Yeah nobody does.


  • Bookworm

    I know what being lonely feels like all too well. It sucks. But what I hope is that one day I’ll find someone that accepts me for who I am. Hope is what gets us through all our darkest moments. It is the key to survival. I wish you all the best and I know that there are people in your life who would take the time to listen to you and understand you.

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