Society's defintion of beauty

It's all about your appearance

Not fat, not skinny


With two c's


tons and tons

just to make it seem

Like your not wearing any

Oh but if it seems like you are

wearing makeup

Oh hell no

Why don't you embrace your

natural beauty

Oh! And if you don't wear makeup at all

Shame on you!

You don't put enough effort


Embrace your body!

Show it off!

But not too much because

Then guys get the wrong idea

Because it's not fair for them

You have yourself on display

But they can't touch

You have to have a certain body shape

Certain face features

A certain hair type

To be what society calls beautiful

You have to please everyone else

and be miserable so that you can be


We drag down those who are different from us

We have all taken part in making the mold

Of beauty in today's society

We've made appearance seem more important

Then someone's personality

We hurt other peoples feelings

To make us feel better about ourselves

We made the world what it is

So that means

Only we can fix it







  • Brii Zeiger

    beautifully written, i agree.

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