sunlight fades

vision blurring 

noises seem far away



hands pulling me under

enveloping me in a thick darkness



searching for the light

gasping for air to breathe



chest tightening

hands flailing



feel my body sinking

till I don’t feel my body anymore


  • Finley Fire

    Very deep poem, I love how you've layed this out, it gives it more punch if you understand me. If this is a self reflection know that someday it gets brighter or so I'm told, I have yet to see the light but I'm hoping that it's true. Stay strong.

  • yellowrose

    a very good expression of somebody who is sinking under their own pain and depression .. being swamped under your own pain! well done x

  • MaddieJ

    I don’t know who the people are in your life who would leave you in the midst of your journey through depression but I just need to say this; I have seen and experienced depression through every rod of darkness it throws. I have had both people who left and people who stayed. The ones who love me the most, were a constant in spite of my darkness. They are the ones who brought back the light. Please consider that the distance from those who can’t be human enough to stay with you during the dark times, isn’t going to be a hinderance but leaves room for healing. They can be the weakness in your vision of the light. They stomp the cones if you get where I am going..... Also, enjoyed your poem, and will be reading future ones!

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