I'm at 3 counting up
No..I didn't start from one,
Of course you'll think last,
But feel like I've won,

No I'm not saying that others are not important,
Each number, has it's on meaning,
Sorted in portions,

I said one, I said 3, I'll add 4 and 5,
But..I feel as if..I'm still wrong not right,
There something else that's missing, search I might,
I can count, but it's not in my view, nor sight,

I'm paying the price, I'm going insane,
On the tip of my tongue, and it's killing my brain,

Now I got it, how could I count and miss
Not a wet floor, but I ran by, and slipped,

I left and went, not losing my spot,
Step back at two, and you thought I forgot..

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