Reach out grasping.
What did you find?
You found a cloud.
Is it outlined?
What color hue is it?
Every color of the world?
Does it make you happy?
If not; drop it.
Grasp for something better.
Why not reach for the stars.

The clouds align and a sign from the heavens
Pour down from the darkness of night
Rain rights the wrongs of a desolate drought
And all about, the people rejoice!
Loud noise, however, causes a jolting fright
And the lightning! It causes a stir
The lines start to blur and the people relay
Their hatred for the constant storm
Success does not win you love,
But it will win the day.
Do not mind what the people speak of,
Only mind what your mind has to say.

For stars symbol wishes
And wishes can come true
You only need to dream it
Visualise and believe it
Then there’s nothing you can’t do

Obstacles may slow are pace
But can never erase
Dreams we hold on to
Making them reality will be up to you
Let no one dim your light

You strive to give your best
By an internal code of ethics
Maybe there in your DNA
A gift of genetics
Stand tall, walk with purpose
Speak the truth as you know it
Feel with your heart
And don't be afraid to show it

The gayety springs from the soul to the air. Making bubbles of laughter float in the air. Music is playing the joyous song. The body is light and happy is not wrong.


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