The Traveler

Lost in space, the weary traveler sat down to rest.  He looked around for at least a familiar face.  No one could he see for miles, around for space is empty, with no towns, air or sounds.  Flipped out is he.  Tired as could be.  Poor weary traveler lost in eternity.  Just a black background with colisoscope stars.  Maybe a few floating flowers and the moon behind bars.  Sitting on a meoter is he.  His mind lost in the open sea.  Waiting on the sun to rise the way it use to be.  How'd he ever get that way?  It's hard to believe. 


  • Jamie

    That's fun and lonely all at the same time

    • marlenawood

      Lol 😂 ur right on that! I have some crazy ones I haven't posted yet lol

    • marlenawood

      Thanks and lol 😂 that would be a good idea 💡 I'm glad y'all enjoyed it!!

    • Accidental Poet

      In this day and age, one must be very careful to keep sanity close to home. Excellent poem Marlena.

      • marlenawood

        Your right an I don't go anywhere really lol I stay home with my kids an I talk to my family that's it! Thanks for the kind words an compliments!

        • Accidental Poet

          You're very welcome Marlena.

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