a book and a relationship

a book is another world in front of me, distant from my mind

i am away with the fairies until i delve in deep

a zone is patiently waiting for me 

no questioning , no resistance 

words accept my eager and attentive eyes

allowing me to feel 

engaged in the picture, me and my friends 

word friends smile at the eager attention

shouting out of the corner of my intentional eye 

no barrier to stop me from delving in 

i look upon the lettering and the way 

the words are scrolled into different lines

shapes, short, long, extended patterns 

the letters and the words keeping me engagingly hooked 

minute to minute, hour to hour

all i see are words floating under my eyelashes 

colourful creations of an authors mind 

dark and dreary words, words of joy

hate , love , lust, anything but words

floating in front of my attentively keen eyes

imagine this , a book , is it like a boyfriend

a guy who draws you in, keeps you entertained , hooked

attention never seeming to slip elsewhere 

until other commitments carry you 

and you have to give your attention to a friend

your work, nine to five, in a job, loving this , hating this 

back home and you reach for your book

attention stays and flying away is frequent 

a sentence starts to bore you

a chapter is beyond your understanding 

losing the ability to continue

with the following of once loved words

maybe a good, a really good book 

maybe its like being around a guy 

when the book turns stupidly sour

and you have lost the want to stay 

boyfriend has annoyed you 

maybe he isn't even good enough  

maybe he has simply gone off colour, turned bad 

like the words on pages which turn into 

nothing more then uninteresting words on a piece of paper

your attention has slipped and the engagement 

vanished simply into thin air 

like a keen eye,  the beauty has disintegrated 

your attention has easily slipped 

a forgotten book , a forgotten and discarded relationship 

ready to move onto another book, story

oh maybe this one will playfully fit with your mind 

maybe this relationship is meant to be 

words are taking in your look, your engaged in everything 

the relationship between those words and a reader 

this is a story of words in a book , a very good story

a guy, a boyfriend, you see they are the ones in action 

throwing in words and lines, line after line 

making you feel emotions, and so you want to read on 

but when tedious lines appear horribly underneath your  nose

you are disgruntled, throwing the book to the side

dumping your boyfriend in a waste paper bin 

unable to finish the once started story 

a relationship which has gone silently sour 

right underneath your once happy nose

two different worlds , listening and receiving

the words smiling , attention received with grace

the reader smiles back , engaged and enticed, hooked 

from word to word, line to line, chapter upon chapter 

the authors mind , the boyfriend

loves how you are engaged in their each and every move 

if a book does not make you feel

how can you continue with words 

words which anger , words which tire your mind

why stay involved when he makes you unhappy 

the book and the boyfriend

either our attention stays or we quite rightly run away



  • Poetic25

    A really deep and insightful comparison of a 'lover' and a 'book'. I really liked the way this worked, and funnily enough it 'reads like a book' so many chapters and your conclusion.
    Well done
    Michael 😉

    • yellowrose

      hi michael.. thankyou 🙂 so glad you enjoyed this and thankyou for your kind words

    • Burning Crow

      Really well described and a great comparison a relationship is just like a book, a great description of feelings and emotions of being in an unhappy relationship.

    • MaddieJ

      This one really hit home for me. Thanks for sharing such a great dialogue analyzing the similarities between boyfriend and book. Took the words right out of my head!

      • yellowrose

        hi virago.. thankyou ! 🙂 i've never had a bf , but yeah i guess there are similarities. i enjoyed writing this , glad you enjoyed reading

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