The day darkens like blackness on my soul.  The thunder rolls, while the anger in me scrolls.  The rain comes down like the tears flowing down my cheeks.  It makes me want to scream an weap.  Our love is something I don't understand anymore and we both let it pass, like the lighting bolt.  Our love, a white flash in dark black sky.  To see tonight, and ask why?!  To see me and you don't know.  You can't see the secret that's in my head.  You don't see the pain that shows in my eyes.  You don't recognize the pain in my voice.  You can't see in me to know how I feel.  You don't know me.  You can't see how I'm thinking.  You only know what I'm going to say, but you don't know why I say it.  Sure I'm easy to figure out on the outside but that only what I want you to know.  You don't know me on the inside because I never let it out.  If only you did know.  If only I could let it out but I can't.  I won't let myself.  My twelfth house is in the theater that means a lot do you see what I'm saying?  If you knew the qualities of an actor then you will know what I'm like.  It al fits in, see it all fit in.  My mystery is me.  I am my mystery.  I am a secret no one knows not even you who's been with me for over twos years and has heard my deepest thoughts. You can't say you know me cause you don't, not even me so I know you don't!


  • Accidental Poet

    Sounds like the door is open for someone to exit. Excellent write Marlena.

    • marlenawood

      Thank you for the compliment and lol it's about an old lover of ten years. He was my first love at the age of 15 an ten years of hell I tell you!

      • Accidental Poet

        His loss. ; )

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