Back To You Billy, For Ways I Whiled Away Herding Ennui

ah...a flood of memories wash over

this anointed Goatama Boo Da

whose respected status

among generic green acres goatherd didst ha


dully expect to apply goatee

to dab moistened eyes la

ment tab lee recalling blissfully innocent

kickstarter libidinal oomph pa.


as a kid, this now middle aged old goat

silently bends back disbudding head

as if noggin didst float

bleats, and thence

blinks back tears to emote,


asper remembrance of things past,

when me papa and late mama didst dote

via gently grooming my tattered raggedy coat

whereat patches of missing fur reveals bloat


ting distended abdomen

no longer evinces picture

of mine prime head butting days

when unchecked chutzpah, daring do,

and exploratory forays


found this then runt

strayed far from the madding crowd

upon verdant fresh fields I didst graze

and sought out secluded cool shelter


from hot, humid summer haze,

where abundant bucking bronco energy

resorted, succumbed and tugged via natural

sluggish inertia and predilection to laze,


and oft times dreamt being trapped

with in some M. C. Escher maze

given up for lost or...,when

n'er a reply from plaintive neighs


whence upon awakening

bestowed ablutions to ja Pan,

(Latin Name Capra aegagrus hircus)

unstinting praise


groggy state elapsed with pleasant waft

of cooler August air

cloven hoofs confidently, gingerly,

and jerkily strode to espy clear

panoramic view when 'ere

afar off in the distance,


an indistinguishable glare

foretold a recognized landmark comprising around

perimeter defined areas hosting happy hustings

(no...not hustling) ground

encompassing accrued memories


to date within storied mound

caching predominantly pleasant

bouts of playtime, when siblings pound

for Avoirdupois pound

raced each other observed


by Mister Sun at his coterie of sound

clouded pillowy cerulean celestial garden, which

helped get tension unwound.

Now while doddering, hobbling,

and limping with bum leg

(Battle of the Bucks Him Boar skirmish) in old age


which declining physical well being

restricts shenanigans akin

to an ever shrinking unseen cage

soon...t'will be sent out to pasture,


whence concluding stage

of existence paid with demise

collected by grim reaper,

who only accepts deceased

as sole (soul surviving) standard wage.





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