Not So Hidden Agenda

I’ve cleared all my plans
Just one thing on my agenda for the day
Gotta find a way
To stay
Constantly on his mind
Which, is what I find
Most attractive
Can’t help but have provocative thoughts
Images that run wild inside this head of mine
It may take some time
But he won’t be able to deny
The chemical reaction
Instant satisfaction
Once my lips brush up against his
No need to over analyze
Just let it flow
We may be surprised
At what the future could provide
There’s a reason we were introduced into each other lives
Though I’m not looking too far ahead
Instead, I embrace the chance to get to know him
And for him, to get to know me
I'm feeling him mentally
And after that comes physically
And after that…
We’ll just have to wait and see
I’m not in a rush
This is not about wanting to feel his touch
It’s about getting inside his head
Wanting to be the last image he sees at night before he goes to bed
Not trying to scare him away
All I’m trying to say is I see potential
The meeting of two creative souls
And I don’t want to sleep on this chance
Could be the beginning of a spectacular romance

Possibilities are endless
The beginning of a beautiful friendship…

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