The Right Soup / Link

By Arcassin Burnham

Feeling full of progress , it's processing me,
Recycling my past and bad dreams you see,
Florida boy in a gallon of heat,
Who the hell gave you permission
To speak,
Girls I deal with are a close case to me,
This recipe sure smells good to me,
In the midst of people throwing dirt on me,
Will always remain having enemies,

Even in this matrix that we call home ,
We ain't alone,
Fake smiles,
That laugh upon me like the joker from the animated tv,
Heart is cold even for my family also in a crisis,
Don't tempt me,
I ain't a killer , you know the rest, 
Anxiousness inside my chest.


Wait a minute.
‎is there ever a link between us in this place tonight?
‎you didn't just reject me,you clipped my wings.
‎there's no links,
‎to the table I bring,
‎a new kind of fling,
‎the devil in the pale moon light sings,
‎the father and the mother gather up dreams,
‎the dragon and the pregnant woman's aura screams,
I could be all romantic,but you just leave.
‎that's alright with me,
could've been the one to show you what the world had to offer,
‎Give you the right medicine,
‎I could be your doctor,
‎Steal your hear from another,
‎like the phantom of the opera.

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