He runs with wolves and swims with sharks

Awake with owls ignoring larks

Turns on the charm with would be marks

By using slight of hand


The great whites like their meat blood fresh

The pack's teeth tear apart his flesh

All teachers at his pre school creche

Afraid to make a stand


Greedy for money power and fame

Each trembling lip recalls his name

A crutch among the limp and lame

Is sinking in the Sand


In battle you now have a chance

A weakness born from his romance

A temporary permanence

That made him feel so grand


The blow to end his life was swift

He left the world a parting gift

A rookie to take on his shift

And rule his patch of land


  • Ivory

    I read this and think about the struggle of survival. Interesting piece.

    • tepo

      Thank you Ivory
      Very much appreciate your read and comment

    • Fay Slimm

      The powerful flow of this outcry against the misuse of rule sends shivers into each line Tepo - a compelling read.

      • tepo

        That's a lovely thing to say
        Very much appreciate it
        Thank you

      • Christina8

        I always admire the way you rhyme and still make an interesting poem! The last stanza sticks with me. So sad! Each line so perfectly crafted. Awesome job!

        • tepo

          Thank you Christina
          Very kind words as usual
          Appreciate it and you

        • Resa71

          A very strong, powerful read Tepo.
          Well done, as always!
          Resa. 🙂

          • tepo

            Thanks Resa
            Appreciate the comment very much

          • Goldfinch60

            Very good and powerful write.

            • tepo

              Thank you sir
              Very kind of you

            • Lorna

              Good one Tepo - I like that it shows the impermanence of everyone - so even evil has to die........

              • tepo

                Thanks Lorna
                Greatly appreciated
                Ta much

              • Laura

                A great write, tepo!
                These powerful words...
                “A temporary permanence That made him feel so grand”...signal a message we should all heed!


                • tepo

                  The lovely laura
                  Thank you so much

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