All I know is a cushioned fall
When I need an impact that makes me crawl.

Feathered weight may be your choice
In the drop, however, I've lost my voice.

Cherry red stains where I wish to land
Merry red plains glittered with sand.

I'll sink through to the floor of the ocean
On the otherside in one swift motion.

Pink petaled roses laid on my grave
Shouting the screams I never gave. 


  • Terthas

    I really like this poem. I think I could have benefited from being allowed to skin my knees from time to time as a child, at least in a controlled way. I've grown a confidence that my parents should have nurtured as a child but did not, and now it can sometimes be lacking when I need it not to be. That's what I feel this poem is about. Well done.

    • Noah

      Spot on chap. Thank you :)

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