Sweet Love

Sweet love
You gave warm hugs
When I was young
Cheek dimples full of kisses
Smiles extended miles
Across the world
Everybody knew I was LOVED!
Now that I am grown
We've become distanced strangers
I wave hello....
You'll keep going
Like we were never familiar!
Maybe I waved too hard and the wind
Blinded you with the dust
From this dirty world....
Maybe you didn't notice me
Cause I changed my hair
And I no longer smile for miles
Yet I have stale face
I'm always trying to figure out
Why this and that
But when you and I was a team,
I was never scared to show the sun my teeth!
Why you leave me?
Did have a fight? Was it my fault?
I cnt remember...
I just remember going to high school
& Meeting HATE!
You kinda faded like a foggy day...
Now hate is working my nerves
I hate everything and body!
Everything but you Love,
I'll give you time to think about it....

  • Author: Quish (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 13th, 2018 01:42
  • Category: Love
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