Seeing is not Always Believing

Upon seeing, it's hard believing if it's really there, or all in your mind.  But you see it so seeing is believing.  The truth is not always seen.  Even though your eyes can't be lying.  The mind changes the brains thoughts. Is it really there?  It has to be since I seen it.  But I look again... it's gone!


  • marlenawood

    It's something I've always struggled with. I'll never overcome it as the perfectionist I am I have to see lol or it's not there.


    Believe it!:)

  • ForeverJesus6

    I feel Jesus in my heart. That is faith.
    Some call me nieve. I don't mind. Just because I don't see people on the other side of the world does not mean they are not there.
    I don't to sound any kind of way. That is my opinion.
    Keep writing.
    Persistence is key

    • marlenawood

      That's the spirit an thanks for the kind words! Keep up ur faith ❤️

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