Jeremy Cohen

Boy Do I Wonder Ekphrastic

Before the dawn of time,
When you had to figure it all out from signs,
His smooth skin draped over firm muscles nearly orgasmic to the touch,
But it was pure chemistry rearranging the chemistry in our minds,
He led me on so now I know it wasn't love,
But it was before gay marriage was legalized,
So his attention was enough, considering it was already hush hush...

We were best friends that were just affectionate I guess,
But what did he expect me to think,
A nude massage and a wink,
With one wish, that moment of hesitation breathing in his breath before the kiss where our souls are cuffed,
So much brought up from what seems to capture an adventurous journey to love,
Harmless clandestine desires undermining a societal fire that must drown,
I always came alive in his presence so I always want to cry out...

Genuinely gazing into his eyes watching the man I want to be my top spin out stirring something inside me,
I know the feeling from real love that followed this one way street I just described,
So back to it, cuz he can’t get enough of dominating my submission,
And I mean full submission with this sporadic sensation arising,
Flying, now out of the closet, wearing it on my arm,
Making out and flicking off cars,
Was suicidal until I found it in myself to come out, then you grabbed what I found...

Will he get physically pulled towards the kiss?
Will he make the first move leaning into it?
Will he get pinned against the wall?
Will he willingly submit?
Will he hate it, like it, or love it?
Will it be as photoesque as this moment?

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