You say I don't matter cause I'm stupid and dumb. I will agree to a point because I'm numb.

I matter to my children and they love me, but you try and turn them against me.Your not right and you know it's true, that's why you threaten me until I'm black and blue.

I should of left so many years ago but love blinded me and I should of known.Our life was a lie from the beginning and really should of predicted the ending.

I'm not perfect and neither are you, but I bet you can't find another like me. I'm one of a kind or used to be.Did'nt know you would make life so miserable for me.

I gave you a son and two daughters. I watched them grow and get put down because you think they should live in a bubble, because you can't handle that you act like Jack!

Yes abusive you are but you say you ain't. I love it when Karma smacks you in the face. I'm no dog or a piece of shit.So get off of your high horse and remember this.

I'm a daughter, sister and a mother, keep fucking with me and I'll call my seven brothers. I forget you ain't scared, your so big and bad.Just take the defeat and get glad.

Your cruel and selfish and that's ok, maybe someone will want you someday.As for me my time will come, when I can say Fuck You, you lazy bum.


  • Hope

    I love your poem; its personal and its real deal..well written and it definitely sounds like this dude needs to take a hike once and for all. Thanks for sharing.

    • TDunn3

      Thank you and he has been kicked to the curb.He is getting help and has come quite some way,regrets will get you every time.Glad you enjoyed it

    • Lorna

      Glad you got out!!!

      • TDunn3

        Me to!

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