The Magical Place

I'm failing and just like the wind
I become a gentle breeze, my existence fades away
And I turn in to dust..

Like the moon, my time has come
I must leave but leave to where?
Isn't that the big question of time?

After all, isn't everyone looking
For a place where they can go
Without any attachments 
Without anyone or anything
But the sound of the wind.

A place so magical 
So hauntingly beautiful
That we forget who we are
For a split second, we don't know anything.

A place that lights up a spark
Yes.. the spark of hope.
Hope for a better everything
Hope for a better life.

You can feel it can't you?
As you read this, you find your place.
You feel it's magic and it's beauty
And you feel that spark inside you.

So you smile like I am right now.
But I just wish that I could leave 
This magical place.

I wish that I could wake up the fool
That lays on the ground
Struggling for a breathe of air
Struggling for life.

For I have seen this place of magic
And I am eternally bound 
In this magical place all because I made the choice
Of laying on the ground
Searching for what I have now found
And eternally shall I regret making the choice 
Of losing my very own voice.


  • Nicholas Browning

    Regrets teach you many lessons. Never forget the consequences of giving up. Best wishes and hopes to you friend.

    • Agiel

      Yes they do, more than you could ever imagine. Best of wishes for you too. :)

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