Tomorrow after today

Where are we going after today?  If we all die tomorrow will our souls just float away?  

Is there eternal peace when we die and go to hell?  Because of our world is paradise it's a heaven in a hell.  Is there any peace when we die and go there?  Will there ever be an end to our paradise in hell? 

When will it stop, the killing and the pain?  When will it stop; sweeping across the open plains

The sorrow, the heartbreak, the crimes, the faults.  What's going to happen whenever there's no one left to even talk.  

Where are we going to go?  To get away from all of this.  To the misty shades of nowhere so that nothing can exist. 


  • willyweed

    You may be right, if we don't change our ways time is running out. nice work on a sad thyme. ww

    • marlenawood

      Thanks love and we all need to realize that our world is going nowhere without happiness peace an love

      • willyweed

        You are welcome Marlena, sweet dreams 4u

      • LAWLIET

        I can feel the pain

        • marlenawood

          I wish a lot of ppl would.. maybe this society would get a little better than it is.

        • Accidental Poet

          Very thought provoking Marlena. Because I believe in Heaven and try to live as honest a life as I can, I trust in God to handle it. Great write.

        • Lorna

          I think Marlenawood that we need to go back to the age of Aquarius....... the messages were good ones.....

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