The Wolf


The Wolf


In the clearing of a forest in the middle of the night,

In the pale illumination of the muted lunar light,

Standing on an outcrop on the crest atop a hill,

There’s a silhouetted figure, menacing, and still.


The shadow is a carnivore with teeth as sharp as spears,

Wind ripples through its fur, and it pricks its pointed ears,

The creature slowly raises its snout into the breeze,

And lets out a mighty howl that echoes through the trees.


Canis Lupus is its proper taxonomic name,

An animal of ill repute, not worthy of acclaim,

The common image of the wolf seems mainly to exist,

In cautionary stories as the main antagonist.


The Big Bad Wolf, he huffed, and he destroyed the piggy’s houses,

Another tricked Red Riding Hood, while wearing grandma’s blouses,

And then there is the fable of the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing,

These tales subject the wolf to the profoundest scorn and loathing.


The stories of lycanthropy; one bite, and pretty soon,

You’ll turn into a monster every time there’s a full moon,

Of course, these are just stories that encourage the perception,

That wolves are generally disliked, but that’s a misconception.


In history, wolves were praised, and they attracted admiration,

And so much so, in fact, that they have their own constellation.

The Romans used the she-wolf as a symbol of their nation,

And to Native Americans, they aided Earth's creation.


So they should not be a victim of hate or persecution,

But respected as a predator, finely honed by evolution,

Their strength and pack mentality are their primary defences,

They hunt with their keen eyesight, nose, and auditory senses.


They’re very social animals, and when it’s time to feed,

They hunt in packs of families, with the alpha in the lead,

Wolves have many species, they number in the dozens,

Coyotes, jackals, dingoes, dogs, and foxes are their cousins.


In summary, a wolf is not a creature to be feared,

But a magnificent beast that’s both respected, and revered.

And if you hear their howling at the closing of the day,

It means the wolves are rallying. A hunt is underway.



  • Eugene S.

    This is awesome!!! Love it in every way!!

  • Lorna

    This is so well written and flows perfectly! Your sister must love it! Wonderful - brought to mind Jack London.............

  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    a really good piece of writing about wolves! loved this .. a truly enjoyable read ,, love the flow and the feel to this one

  • Patricia LaFazia

    Love this!

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