It only takes a second to breathe for a moment
Exhaled minutes blow across the beach like sand in an hourglass
flowing like tears in time
To that beautiful place in my mind
You are here and I'm alive
I’m alive
As I gaze into your eyes
I’m alive

So Naïve I am
I didn’t know, I never knew
The music god creates
Is the gift of love I gave to you
Played in time
Played in time
You would listen and where mine
Yes, you where mine

Maybe I tried to own you
I know I didn’t understand
It could have been so simple
Just listen, listen to the harmony and hold your hand
Hold your hand

The sun rose the other day
It was egg yolk yellow and it took me away
To a place I can never forget
an image that won't go away
So I ask you with all my heart please stay
BR 3/2018


  • Lorna

    Egg yolk yellow! Just when I think no one can come up with another description, you did for the sun.......

  • willyweed

    we never seem to know what we have until its gone. ww

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