Thank You So Much For Stopping By

Pass on by the front of my shop
I know you're busy, no need to stop
I'll be alright taking inventory
All these trinkets need are the walls and me

Pass on by, don't even read the sign
Don't bother looking in, I really don't mind
I'll be okay sitting here all day
All these trinkets need are a few steps away

It's a busy city, you're a busy girl
You've got things to do in a busy world
I'm just sitting here taking up space
One day I'll be gone without a trace

Pass on by, I know you'd mean well
Not to leave me all by myself to dwell
With these boring old things collecting dust
Memories fade and iron turns to rust

Thanks for stopping by, it means so much
Everything is yours, look, feel, and touch
I know you can't stay long, that's alright
Just enjoy the moment and let in the light

It's a busy city, it's a busy world
You've got people to see, you're a busy girl
I'll just be here in case you need me
I'll keep the door open so come by and see me


  • Lorna

    Beautiful message....... made me think of my father who was very unassuming and quiet but always there.........

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