The Storm

The Storm


I hear a faint rumble come from outside,

So I go to my window, and open it wide.


I look up at the stars, and the darkness of night

Is filled with a sudden, and brilliant light.


A split-second later, it's dark once again,

I slowly start counting, and make it to 10.


Another faint clutter resonates through the dark,

I stare at the clouds, and wait for a spark.


I'm not waiting long when my curious eyes

See a sharp streak of ribbon flash through the skies


I count up to 7, and it just starts to rain

When again I hear rumbling, like a faraway train.


It's then that I notice a powerful breeze,

That whistles through alleys, and rustles the trees.


Another bright bolt, and I count up to 4,

Then the sound of the tempest erupts to a roar.


It's coming this way, I must be on my guard,

The rain is its ally, and it's coming down hard.


In a series of flashes the world glows anew,

And a sudden crescendo as I make it to 2.


I'm barely done counting when another great flash

Appears, then is followed by a deafening crash.


The sky is now rippling with silver & blue,

And I gaze up in awe at this beautiful view.


Then slowly, but surely, this powerful force

Passes above and continues its course.


As I stand at the window I say with delight:

"What a pleasure to watch on this warm summer night."


  • Lorna

    Wonderful vision of the storm! I went to a wedding on a boat once and there was a storm! Chaos and glory! It was the best wedding ever!

  • Lady Dale

    Very good. The poem has a brilliant flow to it.

  • orchidee

    Good write S.

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