Michael J. Schaeffer

Looking for Trouble


Looking for Trouble

Living in the Sunshine State. My Mind Wanders Out. An Adventure. Do I Dream West? California or Hawaii? No. Not Even Across the Mississippi. Peaceful. Calm. Sometimes I Think There is No Other Place than just North of Pompano Beach. An Awakening and an Nirvana. Sticking to the Beach. A1A. East Coast of Florida I will Remain. St. Augustine and Jacksonville is All I Demand to Remember My Good Times at 19 Years of Age. The Ending. My Age of Being Mommy's Monster. Berserk. I was Innocent and Young. Delirious. Prison Bound and Betting on the 8 Ball at the Club. Leading. Under Age at the Purgatory. Mischief. Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. Free Will. I was Looking for Trouble with just a 6 String. Beginnings. A Few Riffs on My Mind. Metal. Open E. No Education in the Modern Times and a 6 Pack to Drink at Night. A Camel cigarette in My Mouth and a Funky Bag at the House. Every Night was a Party in Jacksonville Florida and St. Augustine was South. A Short Trip South was the Vacation Spot. History. The Historic and Sunny Beach of Saint Augustine. Living it Up in Jacksonville at Age of 19...



  • Lorna

    So young and so much fun! As long as nothing too bad happens, that is the time you will always remember and wish to go back to!

  • Nicholas Browning

    The darker tone constantly being subdued by the optimistic point of view is refreshing. Nicely done.

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