What if you couldn't see a light?  Or clean and shining hair.  What if you couldn't see colors?  Or birds flying in the air?  What if you couldn't see the sun?  While it burns so bright on you.  What if you couldn't see the stars or the nights black hue?  What if, what if you couldn't see the trees growing on a hill?  What if you couldn't see a rose or daffodils?  What would you do, tell me if you lost all sight of light.  Would you go grouping around in the pitch black air of night?


  • Lorna

    Me too Terthas..... I'm no Steven Hawkings.... how he did it I'll never know (I know he wasn't blind).... Terthas can't even comment without "seeing" you and your eyes! What would we do!

    • marlenawood

      It's hard but when you learn to feel an hear your surroundings you can do anything

      • Lorna

        I guess it can be done........ just don't think I'd want to............ so much would be missing.

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      • GON

        Your eyes remind me of Bowie

        • marlenawood

          Lol 😂 yes he had a disorder that caused that

        • willyweed

          some people have two good eyes yet they are still blind. good rhyme and flow Marlena. ww

          • marlenawood

            That's right an thanks love

          • RiverJordan

            Shineee on!

            • marlenawood

              Thanks love an u shine as well

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