Jah Chancleta

Lights of like

I’m Chill like a cool breeze Usually Smile big like cheeese
My Body heat is on I’m so warm degrees, enough to make a queen wanna squeeze. I breath her in, exhale release heat so she can inhale the vapors off the trees, 
I Eat clean cause we are what we eat, in action and taste she must be sweet, gently kiss her cheek respectfully to never cross over ungranted boundaries.

Intaken good energy it’s a remedy,  Intentionally Like a god bless after a sneeze, mistakend and unintentional like life’s that have been taken. Copy me, He wasn’t cold blooded until what came after the man yelled freeze.

bang bang I wanna go back to orange tang wooden play grounds and swings, I wanna go back to the nice things so I pictured us sharing an ice cream. 

To much mind paints lots of grey, to much mind to the disordered manifest dismay,
I don’t kno and that’s Ok, so I rest my own case,  I don’t need to ask and to me that’s what’s truly great. I dislike to dislike, I rather talk over write,  so I love how u write. I already asked the questions and got all the blank answers, now My sleeps deep and vast like the sea, this must be what it means to truly be free.
so peaceful and restful, no pain not necessarily blissful no judgments or calculations of what makes a fool,
Just is, what it is, and the cards I’m dealt just have to be Ok
Why fuss why fight, if it isn’t wrong well then it must be right, I know what the drama is like we need little dark In life so the light won’t just seem a blank canvas painted all white. Give me light for sight, give me vibes to excite, give me words to make my night.


peace Infinitely 



  • RiverJordan

    this one hit home! lit like 50 thousand spliffs!

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